My research interests intersect with my professional practice (and vice-versa). In broad terms, all my work explores what I call the ‘cultural politics of cultural practice’. I am interested in the structures, intuitions and social contexts in which cultural/artistic practice takes place, particularly in relation to collaboration and ideas of artistic community. A lot of my work has explored festivals of various kinds, but I am also interested in galleries, museums, archives, funding and policy infrastructures.

Increasingly I’m interested in activity that happens on the fringes of mainstream cultural infrastructure and which challenges its boundaries. For example I’m interested in projects that are self-organised, un-funded, and/or which set up their own experiments in cultural infrastructure. Small museums, micro-galleries, home archives, self-publishing, outsider artists, collectors, community art activity and art collectives are all of interest.  I’m fascinated by how such projects sit in relation to the structures that surround them, the motivations of the people behind them, and how they connect to wider publics.  I’m also interested in how people have attempted to find cultural spaces and ways of working that are more conducive to health and participation.

Finally, I’m currently interested in exploring ideas of ‘research practice’ that complicate sit outside or complicate the professional infrastructures of higher education. I’m interested in independent, unfunded, very short (one day) projects and projects that are highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, perhaps even a bit messy….