The Traceur’s Eye – Parkour Film and Photographs Oct 2013

This was another project that came out of my programming for the 2013 Bloomsbury Festival. Inspired by my then-colleague professor William Marshall’s research on parkour, and by his own collaborations with parkour photographer Andy Day and with professional free-runners Parkour Generations, I managed to secure permissions from the University of London to allows to do a couple of days’ filming and photography around Senate House, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, and the Warburg Institute.

The idea was to soften the edges of these institutions, to reflect on the links between body, mind and architecture, and to symbolise the ‘free run’ of knowledge in and around these buildings. The project allowed me, and hopefully others, to gain some fantastic insight into the architecture of Bloomsbury, to witness some stunning views from the roof of Senate House, and to work with some of the most accommodating and thoughtful (also highly athletic) people I’ve ever come across.

The photos below are by Andy Day. These and others resulting from the project are still on display in Senate House.


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